New EP for 2018

About the project

MindMaze has become a true example of the power and potential of crowd-funding. Utilizing the enduring support of our fans has allowed us to endure and thrive far beyond anything we would've been able to achieve on our own. The band has now produced three full-length studio albums, one EP, and been a part of multiple successful tours all because of the continued support of an amazing fanbase. 

New EP

This new release will feature new material, some overdue covers by Iron Maiden and Queensryche, as well as acoustic versions of some other MindMaze tracks with some cool rearrangements. A few tracks will also feature some keyboard contributions from our friend and Pyramaze keyboard player Jonah Weingarten who performed with us on our spring US/Canada tour.

Great Rewards

We've got some great incentives for different pledge levels including signed copies of the new EP, campaign specific t-shirts, receiving a digital copy of our performance on tour Live in LA this past May, signed drum heads, special thanks in the liner notes and more! We wouldn't be anything without the tremendous support of our fans, so we thank you for everything you've done for us!